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ETERNA – MILESTONES IN HOROLOGY. What would the world of watches be without Eterna? Probably much less eclectic. But certainly lacking the excitement of many groundbreaking developments. There is plenty of evidence to back this statement. For starters, Eterna created the ball-bearing-mounted rotor for self-winding movements. Its five tiny spheres, which also symbolise the Eterna brand, are the undisputed global standard in automatic wristwatches. Then, there was the world’s very first alarm wristwatch, the smallest self-winding movement with a gold rotor, the thinnest quartz wristwatch of all times with a mere 0.98 mm, the smallest quartz movement for ladies’ watches, and on and on. For connoisseurs of Swiss quality timepieces, all these accomplishments transformed the name Eterna into a genuine legend. And while many other watchmaking pioneers have meanwhile silently fallen into oblivion, we keep renewing ourselves. We can draw vital forces from our history, and we remain committed to the mission of preserving a great horological tradition.

The latest version of the legendary 1958 Eterna-Matic KonTiki was unveiled at the international Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel in March 2001. A limited edition series, this fine timepiece received a very enthusiastic response from the specialists. Once again, Eterna has convincingly demonstrated its wideranging expertise in the fine art of watchmaking. Ever since its foundation in 1856, Eterna has tempted discerning women with an ever fascinating choice of exceptional timepieces. Its most recent entry, the Minx design, definitely upholds this solid tradition.
All elegantly sport-spirited, Eterna’s five new Monterey designs have everything it takes to become the classics of tomorrow.
With the launch of the new Porsche Design watch collection in 1998, Eterna, having been recently acquired by the Porsche family, set itself new challenges. With the motto “Form Follows Function”, its engineers and watchmakers focussed on the successful transfer to watchmaking of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s creative concepts.
F.A. Porsche, through F.A.P. Beteiligungen GmbH, took over Eterna SA in Grenchen. In this way, the precondition that the new direction of the Eterna trademark, which had already been introduced and run successfully, can be consistently developed onwards was achieved.
In the same year, two great names, Pininfarina and Eterna, came together for a line ofwatches. The new Pininfarina models from Eterna are the resilt of many years of striving to produce wristwatches that are far more than pure time-measuring instruments. The Eterna 1935 embodies nostalgia in its most beautiful form. The individual, rectangular "Art Deco" model was immediatly accepted in all markets.
The wave of records in the category of slimness: 1979, the Eterna Linea Quartz Squelette, with a thickness of 1.5 mm is the slimmest quartz watch ever produced. 1980, ETA and Eterna set the absolute record for flatness for all categories with the Eterna Linea "Museum": only 0.98 mm thick!
On the 8th May 1980, Eterna was awarded the "Grand Prix Triomphe de l'Excellence Européenne", which was sponsored by the Nobel Peace prize winner René Cassin. With this, Eterna joined that exclusive circle of companies whose products have set standards worldwide.
Eterna celebrated its 100 year anniversary with the launch of the "Centenaire", one of the greatest sales successes ever.  
Birth of the sensational and later worldfamous Eterna.Matic. For the first time, a ball-bearing was used to mount the rotor onto a movement with automatic winding. Today, this invention still stands as a world standard for fine automatic wristwatches!
The five balls of the Eterna.Matic became Eterna's significant trademark.
The first watch-cigarette lighter from Eterna. Each time the flame was ignited, the watch was wound up.
At the Swiss National Exhibition, Eterna presented the first wristwatch with an alarm. For that time, a technological revolution.
Following a decision of the municipal council on the 7th January 1851, the watchmaking industry was brought to Grenchen.
On the 7th November 1856, the doctor Josef Girard and the schoolteacher Urs Schild founded the watch manufacturing company U. Schild, which later was to be called Eterna.



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