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Fortis Watches - Founded in Grenchen, Switzerland in 1912 Fortis have always led the field in innovation and quality. In 1926 they presented the worlds first self winding wristwatch in series production, the legendary Harwood.

Since then Fortis have won many prestigious awards for their work in the field of Horology, of particular note was the advent in 1943 of the first waterproof wristwatch. In 1994, after rigorous endurance tests the Uri Gagarin Russian state scientific-research test centre at Star City chose the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph to be part of the Cosmonauts official equipment. Now Fortis pieces are routinely worn by ‘on duty’ Astronauts and Cosmonauts, especially under the harsh and demanding conditions of free space outside the International Space Station (ISS).

History below

History and info

The FORTIS 2000 collection is called SPACEMATIC.
Five different mechanical models are now presented internationally for the first time:


Deeply involved in the world of aviation and space FORTIS takes part in the development of a new time signal in co-operation with the German University of Stuttgart, DAIMLER CHRYSLER, the German DLR and the European ESA. The construction of the international space station ISS, especially the launch of the service module marks the beginning of this high technological experiment, which will end in a new generation of electronic FORTIS timepieces with paging function and a unique locating system.
The internationally awarded painter and sculptor Prof. Gerd Winner created the FORTIS ART EDITION 98. Highlight: FORTIS CHRONOGRAPH ALARM PLATIN. FORTIS became official supplier of the "MILLENNIUM VOYAGE". The STARSHIP Crew members started off for an adventure journey in 1.000 days around the world on the oceans to take stock on the end of the century.

Premiere of the world's first automatic chronograph with mechanical alarm, FORTIS calibre F2001. World-wide presented and joined by the experienced cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov, who was nominated to be one of the first human beings to fly to the international space station ISS: The FORTIS Pilot Professional Automatic Chronographs were tested by the pilots of the 47th Tactical Fighter Regiment of the Hungarian Airforce and improved their precision.

The FORTIS OFFICIAL COSMONAUTS CHRONOGRAPH was chosen to be the official watch of the Russian-German space mission MIR 97.

  FORTIS chronographs on the pilot's wrist during the world height record flight on a MIG 25 PU double seater -non experimental- aircraft with a civil passenger, flown by Alexandre Garnaev and Alexandre Parringaux, honoured by the Guinness book of records.

After endurance tests on the borderline of modern physics, the Yuri Gagarin Russian State Scientific-Research Test Centre of Cosmonauts Training in Star City choose the FORTIS OFFICIAL COSMONAUTS CHRONOGRAPH to be part of their cosmonauts´ official equipment. The space mission EUROMIR I crew was the first to which the FORTIS Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Sets were presented. During the Soyus TM19 mission which took place to prepare the docking manoeuvre STS 71between the American Spaceshuttle Atlantis and MIR station, the FORTIS automatic chronographs improved their reliability during several extra vehicular activities in open space.

FORTIS stepped into space with one dial of the Limited Space Edition- on board of the first art painted space craft, a Russian proton rocket.
With the Hedonist business line, FORTIS presented a world novelty: the first watch with the indication of the 52 calendar weeks

At the world industry fair Hanover, an international jury awarded the FORTIS Container¨ and FEVER collection with the certificate IF for their excellent design.

On the occasion of the company's 75th anniversary FORTIS sets a trend by relaunching the automatic wristwatches which had been synonymous for the brand as the world's first factory for automatic wristwatches.

FORTIS set the pace in watch fashion with the "Flipper quartz leader" model. This watch range incorporated the original FORTIS container ® allowing the movement and bracelet to be interchanged within seconds, worn for example by The Rolling Stones, Roman Polanski, Leonard Bernstein, etc.. The "...aristocrat of the plastic watches..." by the trade press in the early 80ies.
  Based on the companies experiences in highly water-resistant diver watches FORTIS developed one of the first Swiss made coloured plastic watches the "Flipper".

  On the occasion of the company's 50th anniversary the jubilee model "Stratoliner" was presented.

  In Tokyo 600 watchmakers celebrated the "FORTIS day" in Yamaha hall on the 26 th of November. FORTIS presented their new electrical regulation system "BEP".

FORTIS won the leading chronometer award conferred by the Swiss institute for official watch time keeping tests, for their waterproof alarm watches of the "Manager" series.

  FORTIS took up the manufacturing and world wide distribution of the alarm watches.



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