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Revue Thommen
Range of watches , quartz , mechanical

Our repair charge information

We are able to Service and repair this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We are are able to obtain genuine parts from UK agent but NOT for older models
For straps, bracelets and rotating bezel replacement there may be some delays for parts from Switzerland

Service mechanical timepiece 60.00
Service mechanical Automatic 80.00
Service mechanical Chronograph 120.00
Service mechanical Automatic chronograph 180.00
Service quartz battery watch 60.00 - 180.00
Service Chronograph and multifunction watches 80.00 - 150.00
Water Resistant testing and report within service. not available
Dial restore as original within service ( older models only ) 100.00
battery only 50m - 200m  25.00
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The new models in Xlarge line! Ref. 16055 automatic chronograph with turning bezel and various dials (Arabic instruments figures or indexes) and the ref. 16052 automatic watch in a classic style with calendar window.
Both models in stainless steel case with antireflective double-faced sapphire crystals

Only a few firms in the Swiss watch industry can look back on such a long tradition as Revue Thommen's. The firm Revue Thommen was found in 1853 by Gedeon Thommen an developped into one of the leading companies in this sector.

In the early days only wristwatches and pocket watches were produced. They relied exclusively on their own movements, as was only fitting. In about 1920 Revue Thommen decidet to also start producing instruments for the aviation industry. This segment was constantly expandet and today Revue Thoommen's instruments are among the leading products in the aviation industry.

Small watches (wristwatches) werde produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds for many years. The Revue Thommen Cricket* products (mechanical alarm clocks) became world famous. Many presidents of the United States were proud wearers of the Revue Thommen Cricket.

The firm Grovana Watch Ltd. has taken over the production and global sales of Revue Thommen watches since spring 2001. The firm Grovana is one of the leading companies in the swiss watchmaking industry. Sales of Grovana products have expandet strongly in recent years. Today it's watches are sold trough more than 60 country agents around the world. Great attention has always been paid to quality, which is the repair service plays an important role. Spare parts ordered by agents can be despatched whitin 48 hours.

When Revue Thommen watches werd integrated into Grovana Watch Co. Ltd. it was decidet that two main segments should be further developed: the Airspeed aviation chronometers and the traditional watches with exclusive Revue Thommen Manufacture movements.

The Airspeed lines, which comprise "The Classics" and "The XLanrge Collection", will shortly be supplemented by the jubilee collection called "The Flyback Collection". The Airspeed line reflects the technical accuracy and prefection of Revue Thommen's aviation tradition.

The traditional collection is developed to the original watchmaking art. Thus Revue Thommen has decidet to resume production of the tried-and-tested, exclusive Revue Thommen Manufacture movements.

After extensive discussions, the two renowned Swiss companies REVUE THOMMEN AG, Waldenburg and GROVANA WATCH CO. LTD., Tenniken have decided to cooperate: Based on an exclusive licence agreement signed in the beginning of January 2001, the famous REVUE THOMMEN watches will be produced and distributed world-wide by GROVANA WATCH CO. LTD.

The company REVUE THOMMEN was founded as a watch manufactory in Waldenburg about 150 years ago. Ever since the REVUE THOMMEN company has been producing precision instruments for the aviation industry as well as watches, making Waldenburg a well-known little town world-wide.

The GROVANA WATCH CO. LTD. is an established enterprise since 1924 that has developed itself to one of Switzerland's most renowned watch manufacturers. With their world-wide distribution organisation, their high quality level and their complete after-sales support, the GROVANA WATCH CO. LTD. has got the essential knowhow in order to re-establish the REVUE THOMMEN brand at the appropriate distribution level in the market.

GROVANA WATCH CO. LTD. will do some changes in the REVUE THOMMEN collection. First priority will be given to the model line 'Airspeed', but also the traditional, mechanical range (Cricket) will be given a new chance.

The two partners are convinced that with this co-operation the foundations of a successful future of the brand 'REVUE THOMMEN' have been layed




Revue Thommen watch recently repaired at chealwatch Ltd
case reference name gents or ladies type description
2817001 revue thommen ladies quartz bracelet
16051.6 revue thommen gents automatic bracelet
2627001 revue thommen ladies quartz strap
561.3001 revue thommen gents quartz bracelet
5817001 revue thommen gents quartz bracelet
5822001 revue thommen gents quartz bracelet
6110004 revue thommen gents automatic strap
16050.2 revue thommen gents automatic bracelet
7222001 revue thommen gents quartz strap
7614004 revue thommen gents automatic bracelet
8611001 revue thommen gents automatic bracelet
8760002 revue thommen gents automatic bracelet
9625a revue thommen gents quartz bracelet
n9625a revue thommen gents quartz bracelet
6311001 revue thommen gents chronograph bracelet
5822003 revue thommeng gents quartz strap