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Range of watches Older mechanical to modern quartz
Our repair charges Mechanical,  Automatic , Quartz timepiece and Quartz Chronographs standard
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Sun 99  37-39 Conway Street   London   W1T 6ST  020 7874 6901   0207 874 6919

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Storm is one of the world's most innovative brands of watch, having originated in London as a collection of design-led watches.

The Storm range has developed from ideas and designs that are totally unique, and Storm is now a statement in fashion recognised world-wide for its individuality and style.

Our repair charges
Movement Service - Standard
(watches with 2 or 3 hands, with or without date)
Movement Service - Multi Functions
(watches with Multi Functions, Chronograph, ES, Special Features)
Movement Service - Limited / Special Edition
(for Limited / Special Edition watches)
Case + Glass - Standard watches 25.00
Case + Glass - Watches with Multi Functions, Chronograph, ES 35.00
Case + Glass - Watches that are Limited / Special Edition 40.00
Battery - Standard watches and (Lithium) - Torch, LED watches 12.00
Re-Sealing + Water Resistance Test
(to re-seal W/R watches to make them water resistant after service)

All prices include V.A.T. and postage

For all other parts as listed below please contact the company

Metal Strap / Band - stainless steel standard 
Metal Strap / Band - stainless steel other 
Polycarbonate, Spandex Strap / Band 
Leather ,Mesh ,Rubber Strap / Band 
Software ,Crystal Strap / Band 
Winder / Dial / Hands / Chain / Caseback / Springs / Logo 
Pin / Springbar / Gaskets / Movement Holder 
Clasp / Buckle (all types)  
Strap / Band adjustment or repair 
Top Cover 


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