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Please send your Seiko Kinetic or Auto relay watch to Seiko direct as we are experiencing too many failures from the upgrades that we are having done by Seiko

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the kinetic auto relay range consists of a few watch styles, it can mainly be summarised as the kinetic auto relay 100 and the kinetic auto relay 200.
the standard kinetic
as you may know, the standard Seiko kinetic series are watches that are powered by movement, but don’t suffer from inaccuracy because it uses a quartz timing system. there is no need for batteries, and these watches have become very popular. standard kinetics start from around £150

the auto-relay
so why pay more for an auto relay? is it made of gold? nope. what’s clever about this watch is that if it detects 3 days of no movement, it stops itself, it enters suspended animation and it requires the user to shake it in order to restart it, and it will return to the exact time! and it can remain in suspended animation for up to 4 years until it cannot auto relay.  however, you have to set the date yourself!

Relay Test/Power Saving Function
Want to know if the relay function actually works? Want to impress your friends? Can’t be bothered to leave the watch alone for 3 days? Well Seiko have included a power saving function for this watch, it basically initiates the suspended animation as if it has stopped for 3 days.

To do this, turn the screw down crown into its first position (turn anti-clockwise), pull out one click (as if you were going to change the date) and immediately push back to the normal position in less than a second, this will stop the hands, and you can shake the watch whenever you want to.

Warning from instruction manual: “ Do not pull the crown out to the second click position while the energy saving function is in operation. This will cause the time data retained in the watch to be erased, thus disabling the time relay function.”

Seiko claim that the monthly loss/gain is +/- 15 seconds “under normal temperature range” (5-35 Celsius),

The main failing of the Kinetic watch is the cell/capacitor may leak or fail to store energy. We always fit a new capacitor with every service and/or a new movement if damage is extensive.

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