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watch name Zeno
Range of watches quartz , mechanical
Our repair charges Mechanical,  Automatic , Quartz timepiece and Quartz Chronographs
We are able to Service and repair this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We are able to obtain or genuine parts including hand set crowns, glasses and movement parts.
For straps, bracelets and rotating bezel replacement only I suggest you contact importer direct - address below
Charges from Chealwatch



Service mechanical timepiece with or without date non water resistant £40.00
Service mechanical Automatic with date non water resistant £60.00
Service mechanical Automatic with date water resistant tested £80.00
Service mechanical Chronograph and/or automatic chronograph (ETA 7750 and 7751 movements ) £120.00
Service quartz battery watch with or without date £30.00
Service Chronograph including Water Resistant test 50m to 200 m from £45.00
Service Sport watches including  Water Resistant test 50m to 200 m from £40.00

note we do not service or seal Water Resistant to 1000 m. (one thousand) watches and we do not water seal watches older than 20 years as genuine parts and seals may not be available.

Over view of watch service.

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History and info

Zeno watches begins in 1868 with watchmaker Jules Godat, founder of a small pocket-watch manufactory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region. He produced very small quantities of ladies' pendant watches and fine pocket watches with solid silver cases. The factory he built was taken over by the firm of Eigeldinger & Fils in 1920.

Eigeldinger, a family business, specialized in wristwatches for the army. It made watches in stainless steel, silver, gold and platinum, with mechanical movements up to 43mm.

Its registered brands were ZENO, STRAND and SOLVEX. The Zeno label, which was introduced by André-Charles Eigeldinger, the owner's son, took its name from the Greek philosopher Zeno and the word "Zenodopolus", meaning "gift of Zeus" or „god given".


The first ZENO watches were made in 1922, each piece marked with a Swiss cross on the back of the case. The company has continued to introduce innovative watch-manufacturing techniques ever since. ZENO watches were first exhibited at the Swiss Watch Fair in Basel in 1949. Wholesalers Dr. Peter Atteslander and Eric Enggist bought the rights to ZENO in 1966, selling them on to Felix Huber in 1973. Mr. Huber had been working for the company since 1964.
Our workshops gained international attention in 1969 with the legendary, futuristic "Spaceman", the "Compressor" vacuum diving watch, and the takeover of several well-known Swiss watch factories.


But the timeless star of the ZENO line is the famous "Pilot Classic" Collection (40mm). A contemporary variation on our pilot watches launched in 1965 (37mm), today's models not only compare very favorably with the original vintage ZENO Pilot Basic. Their state-of-the-art technology undeniably gives them the technical edge.
Today ZENO watches are produced by one of the last independent Swiss watch manufacturers, a company with a long tradition of fine watchmaking: ZENO-WATCH BASEL.

The Swiss brand name ZENO symbolizes an excellent choice in marketable wrist watches. We are proud of our small but traditional watch factory and our stylish watch collection. Our timepieces are internationally known and recognized for their quality, design and innovation - for exceptionally high standards of quality at competitive prices


Zeno watches are in the low price range, and offer fantastic value. They make a very nice reproduction of the Rolex Bubbleback and Explorer I, and also several watches with a strong resemblance to Panerai.



Importers address or agency

Edward Platts

Contact address:

38 Swanbourne Road
South Yorkshire
S5 7TL
United Kingdom

Telephone  : +44 114 240 0078 (outside UK) 0114 240 0078 (in UK)
Facsimile   : +44 114 257 8899 (outside UK) 0114 257 8899 (in UK)
Cellphone  : +44 7973 703072 (outside UK) 07973 703072 (in UK)


Customer Service

Customer service is available from 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs UTC Monday to Friday by voice or 24 hours by fax.

All customer service enquiries should be addressed to myself, Eddie Platts, and you can either
e-mail me, including the words "CUSTOMER SERVICE" in the subject line or you can telephone on:

0044 114 240 0078 from outside the UK
0114 240 0078 within the UK

If calling from outside the UK, calls will be charged at the standard tariff usually charged from your location by your telecoms company for calls to the UK.

All calls within the UK will be charged at the rate usually charged by your telecoms company.